Funding Opportunities

Funding a theatre show is never an easy task. There are numerous ways to obtain funding for your work, but there is rarely, if ever, the elusive pot of gold sitting at the end of a rainbow. If you’re preparing to fund-raise for a show, you should be prepared to work very hard and investigate the numerous options available.

We’ll update this page over time, and input from people who have been successful in raising funds is invaluable. Please get in touch if you would like to add something to this page, or if you would like to write an article for one of our guest columns.


Before you get carried away searching for grants and other funding (which can be difficult to obtain), consider whether or not it might be possible to crowdfund your show. Crowdfunding works well for community projects, and those with an already-engaged audience base. Examples of crowdfunding platforms include:

There are costs involved in crowdfunding, and some sites only support organisations with specific legal structures, so make sure you do your research to find the crowdfunding platform that is right for you! The above list is only a small selection of the sites available. The UK Crowdfunding Association has a list of the some of the most common FAQs when it comes to crowdfunding.

Government funding

Government funding for the arts is distributing in the main by the Arts Council. They have a number of funding streams, and they’re friendly and approachable. Check out their website for full details and how to apply.

Lottery funding is also available through Awards for All and a number of other, more specific schemes.

To see examples of work that has previously been funded through these streams, you can check out this list on the website of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Other funding

Funding bodies each have their own eligibility criteria and funding limits. It’s a good idea to start by searching Funding Central, as you can use the search engine to find organisations that will fund your specific organisation.

Sussex Community Foundation also have grants available to small charities and community groups. Again, check that you meet their criteria before applying.


Local companies are often willing to support local performers. Why not approach some organisations directly and see what they can offer? Sponsorship isn’t always in the form of money – it can often be in the form of resources, rehearsal space, or help with promoting your show. Contacting companies is hit and miss, but keep going – you never know who you might click with!

Brighton Fringe

You can find information about specific strands of funding available for performing at Brighton Fringe on this page of their website.

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