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Sussex Actors Podcast 4: Debbie Bridge – Voice-Over Work, Marketing Yourself, and Knowing Your Place

Portrait of Debbie BridgeHere is the first patron-only podcast, and it’s a cracker. It’s available for Patrons only until 9th December 2018. Subscribe and listen now on our Patreon page.

Debbie Bridge is an actor, musician and voice-over artist and we talked for over an hour about a range of subjects. Debbie has a wealth of experience and passion for marketing yourself as an actor, so there’s a lot of good stuff to be taken from this. The conversation covered:

  • How she started as a performer and her accidental path into the arts
  • How she got into voice-over work
  • Vocal and mic technique
  • Self-taping for voice-over work
  • Finding work outside of London
  • Making it easier for people to find you
  • Creating your own voice-over work
  • The importance of being able to say no to a director (#metoo)
  • Trusting your director, working within a hierarchy, and what to do if it starts to go wrong
  • Knowing and embracing your place within the industry

Sussex Actors Podcast 3: Robert Cohen – One-Person Shows

Robert Cohen as Harvey MatusowListen to the full episode on our Patreon page.

In an interview that will be of particular interest to actors that are also writers, Rob confesses to be evangelical about one-person shows as he believes they give back some control to the performer in an industry in which we are rarely in control of where and when we perform. We also discussed:

  • How the shows came about
  • The process of constructing a one-person show
  • Stepping into Shakespeare’s universe when writing Something Rotten
  • Squaring Shakespeare’s circles
  • Producing and promoting a one-person show
  • Brighton Fringe vs Barnstable Fringe
  • Sympathising with traffic wardens
  • Advice for inviting casting directors to shows
  • Tips for putting a one-person show together
  • What his agents think of his one-person shows

Sussex Actors Podcast 2: Christophe Philipps – Making a Living in the Acting World

Actor Christophe PhilippsListen to the full episode on our Patreon page.

Christophe has been consistently making a living in the acting world for a number of years and he’s done it through networking, making his own work, and good old fashioned hard work. He was generous enough to give up his time to talk to me about his path to where he is. The conversation veered in a number of interesting directions, including:
  • How taking a break from the industry helped
  • Taking a non-traditional route into acting, started aged 22
  • The urge to create your own work
  • Finding work in unlikely places
  • The audition mindset
  • How a team mentality has resulted in repeat bookings
  • Managing egos in small scale productions
  • The benefit of putting the hours in
  • Worthing Actors and Creatives (WAAC)


Sussex Actors Podcast 1: David Middleton – Bewilder Box

Actor Guy Wah in character at Bewilder BoxListen to the full episode on our Patreon page.

This is the first podcast we recorded. David Middleton is the co-owner of Bewilder Box, and escape game in Brighton. We released it at the time that David was looking for new game hosts, so much of information is now redundant. It does still however provide a useful insight into life as an escape game host if this is something that interest you.