Tuesday 31st July 2018 is the third anniversary of the launch of, but more importantly than that, it’s the launch date of the rebranded website!
To celebrate, we’re holding a free actor networking event courtesy of the lovely folk at The Rialto (11 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3FE).
Everyone is welcome. Actors, directors, producers, filmmakers, script writers, prop makers, make up artists, stage managers, costume designers, photographers, theatre managers, acting teachers and anyone else that fancies coming along for an evening of drinks and networking!
We’ll also be running a mini version of the Playmakers event we ran two years ago – a small workshop-style activity that encourages interaction with new people and facilitates the sharing of knowledge. Last time a number of new working relationships were created as a result – and we’re confident the same thing will happen again!
Best of all, it’s a free event, and we’ll spend five minutes telling you about the new site as well.