Castings Policy

Please note that this is a community website run on a voluntary basis, and we don’t have the resources to vet every company or individual that lists a casting. Having said that, here’s where we stand on certain casting topics.

NB: We read EVERY casting before sending it live, and if we receive information that this policy has been broken after the casting has gone live, we will remove the casting from the site.

Please note that due to safeguarding responsibilities we do not list castings for minors (aged under 18).


Please note that we only list castings for Sussex-based organisations, and/or work being produced/filmed in Sussex. Unfortunately it would stretch our limited resources too far to work with national or London-based organisations too.

Paid or unpaid?

Please be explicit in your explanation of whether your production is paid, unpaid, expenses only or profit-share. If there is any doubt, the listing will not be posted. Please note that ‘expenses only’ is NOT paid – please state clearly that the production is expenses only if this is the case. Work listed as ‘paid’ should pay at least the minimum wage for rehearsals and performances.


We understand that not every production will have a starting budget, and some companies consisting of groups of friends will require an additional actor to work on a passion project from time-to-time. Therefore, we will accept castings for profit-share productions on the basis that all cast and crew are working on a profit-share basis. Where one or more individual is being paid, we expect all cast and crew to be paid accordingly.

Unpaid work

Sussex has a thriving collaborative creative community. In Sussex many productions are created through sheer love and passion, and as such we welcome castings that add to the artistic landscape of the county.

We will not list any unpaid commercial work. In short, if one or more cast or crew are being paid, or if the production company is being paid/funded for the production, an unpaid listing will not be accepted. This includes extras/supporting artists. Music videos are classed are commercials.

Student film productions

We understand that film students may not have a budget to pay actors for their work, but we strongly encourage you to find a way to pay the minimum wage for each hour as an absolute minimum. You may post unpaid work, but as a minimum you should provide the actor with a copy of the finished footage for their showreel, and provide refreshments, transport, and lunch on the day.


You may use this form to submit requests for directors or stage managers, but please do not use the system to submit requests for front-of-house crew (FOH managers, ushers etc.)

Filling out the form accurately

It is important that you include correct contact details in your listing. We do not currently have a system for actors to respond through our website, so if you do not include correct contact details, no one will be able to contact you!

Castings with missing or incomplete information will not be accepted.

Any questions? Just drop us an email or submit your listing – we will be in contact if anything needs changing.