Making the Grade (1M)

Paid Casting image. Photo of theatre seats by Tyler Callahan on Unsplash

Biographic documentary about Jill Craigie (1911– 99), one of the UK’s earliest women documentary makers, who made a series of pioneering films in the 1940s and early 1950s exploring the rebuilding of Britain. The film will be shown in festivals and as part of a special BFI season/dvd.

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Black Box Volume One: The Apartment (2F, 2M)

What if you could go back and find out exactly where everything went wrong?

Struggling to accept a recent break up, a young man relives the highs and lows of his relationship before resorting to a powerful new technology in an effort to ease his pain.

A black mirror style 12 minute short exploring loss, friendship and how new technology may affect the grieving process. Aiming to shoot on location in Brighton later this year (ideally October) depending on actor availability.

The film is self-funded by myself and the Director of Photography (professional photographer and videographer Doug Elliott), so the budget is relatively tight. This means it is likely to be expenses only, but we want this to be of as much benefit to everyone as possible, and we’re also looking to produce several short films this year and the next with better paid opportunities down the line.

We love to make things, and we’re looking for enthusiastic actors who want to collaborate and create something great together. Happy to accept both showreels and self-taped demos. Script available on request.

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How To Start A Knife Gang – Rehearsed Reading (4F, 4M)

Unpaid casting image. Photo of theatre seats by Tyler Callahan on Unsplash

How to Start a Knife Gang combines the high intensely interspersed multilayered verbal dialogue
of  The Last Lunch, (Best New Play, New Writing South 2012), the pacey energy reminiscent of Trainspotting and The Prodigy, and the issues surrounding diverse communities as they battle with expectations, ambition, poverty, identity, issues of masculinity, and self betterment.

Players will be credited

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