Lottery Ticket (1M, 2 any gender)

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Nigel Chaloner

Production title
Lottery Ticket (1M, 2 any gender)

Production type
Short film

Production location
Brighton Film School

Pay details
Unpaid (expenses covered)

Further pay details (if provided)

Dates of production
7th to 9th June 2019

Synopsis of production

A man buys a lottery ticket with the same numbers he always uses. He goes out drinking with his mates. Next day he does not go out but see’s on TV that he has won the jackpot. He knows that he had the ticket in the flat the previous night but he cannot find it. So begins a search. First casual, then systematic, then desperate.


Lead: Male, mid to late 20s.
Work mates: 2 X Male/Female, mid 20s to late 30s.
Note the work mate parts are quite small.

Audition date(s)

How to apply

Email me at nigel.chaloner (at)

Application deadline


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