Romeo and Juliet (numerous roles)

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Eastbourne Operatic and Dramatic Society

Production title
Romeo and Juliet (numerous roles)

Production type

Production location
Italian Gardens, Eastbourne

Pay details
Unpaid (no expenses)

Further pay details (if provided)

Dates of production
24th July to 3rd August 2019

Synopsis of production

The classic Shakespeare tale of the ill-fated lovers from either side of a historic family feud.


Romeo (m – 18 to 25yrs) – The only son of Montague and Lady Montague. More of a
lover than a fighter, but has a quick temper that leads him
into all sorts of trouble! Needs to be able to move well. He
fights, runs and climbs a lot!

Juliet (f – 18 to 21yrs) – The only child of the Capulets. Despite being young, she
knows her own mind and will go to any length to prove
it! Juliet is not quite 14, and needs to ‘look’ young-ish.
Doesn’t need to run around much, but will be dancing at
the feast. Needs to be able to sigh on a balcony!

Mercutio (m/f – 18-25yrs) – Romeo’s best friend (forever). A bit of a joker, always
making light of the situation, but has a fiery temper when
riled. An excellent swordsman, with a razor-sharp wit.
Needs to be able to sword fight, run, dance and swagger!

Benvolio (m/f – 18-25yrs) – Another loyal friend of Romeo’s. A serious and sensitive
peace-keeper whose name means ‘Good will’. Never one
to start a fight, but more than capable of stepping in if
necessary. Needs to be able to sword fight and dance and
break up a fight!

Tybalt (m – 18-30yrs) – Juliet’s cousin. A proud, sophisticated, fashionable chap
who hates the Montagues, particularly Romeo, and is
totally loyal to his family. Also an excellent swordsman.
He needs to fight and move well, with exquisite style.

Capulet (m – 50+yrs) – Father to Juliet and head of the Capulet family. Old
fashioned in his views, he finds his daughter’s
disobedience infuriating. Cloudy with a chance of furious
outbursts. Leaves the running, fighting and climbing to
the youngsters but not past throwing the odd shape on
the dance floor!
Nurse (f – 40+yrs) – Has been Juliet’s nurse since she was born. An
affectionate, simple soul who has a lot to say, oen with
much commonsense, if a little crudity. She is very loyal to
Juliet and the Capulet family. Needs to be able to smile in
the face of adversity!

Friar Lawrence (m – 50+yrs) – A friar of the Order of St Francis, whose good intentions
lead to tragedy. A wise man, eager to help with a kindly
word or action. Needs to be able to live with himself at
the end!

Prince Escalus (m/f – 40+yrs) – The Prince of Verona, who attempts to keep the peace
between the rival families. Needs to be dignified and
slightly arrogant and respected by the rest of the cast!

Paris (m – 20 to 30yrs)- A nobleman who is a kinsman of the Prince. He is
announced as Juliet’s suitor early in the play – a very good
catch as far as her parents, and her nurse, are concerned.
He is wealthy, but not showy… well-dressed, but not
fashionable… knowlegeable, but not… OK, let’s face it, he’s
a bit dull! But he gets to fight Romeo… and dies…

Lady Capulet (f – 40+yrs) – Mother to Juliet. She cares a lot for her daughter, but
won’t stand up for her against her husband. Keen to wed
Juliet off to a rich husband. Knows that the Nurse is more
of a mother than she is. Needs to be able to sob! But also
be quite bitchy!

Montague (m – 50+yrs) Romeo’s dad.-
Lady Montague (f – 40+yrs) Romeo’s mum.
Friar John (or Sister Joan) (m/f – any age)
Apothecary (m/f – any age)
Sampson (m/f – any age) Gregory (m/f – any age) Servants of Capulet.
Peter (m – any age) Servant attending the Nurse.
Abram (m/f – any age) Servant of Montague.
Balthasar (m/f – any age) Servant of Romeo.

Audition date(s)
17th March 2019 @ 2.30pm. Call backs ( if required) 21st March @7pm

How to apply

For more information contact or simply turn up on the day at The EODS Centre, 96 Seaside Eastbourne, BN20 7JZ

Application deadline
21st March 2019


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