Going for the one (1F)

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Pete Langman

Production title
Going for the one (1F)

Production type

Production location

Pay details

Further pay details (if provided)

£10ph. billable hours by negotiation

Dates of production
24 April

Synopsis of production

Five minute monologue of a late-thirties/early forties woman with a chronic, degenerative condition contemplates pharmaceutically-assisted suicide.
Production to be part of scratch night at the Rialto


Karen – late-thirties/early forties woman with a chronic, degenerative condition. Wheelchair user, but the wheelchair is not vital to the performance – there are (to my mind), good arguments on both sides. I’m interested in who can make the part work.
Karen has a chronic condition with a genetic component. It is debilitating but she is still lucid and (to some degree) physically able.

Audition date(s)
last week of march (to be agreed upon)

How to apply

Email Pete at Marvelhousewords@gmail.com

Application deadline
March 21


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