Whitewater (1F, 2M)

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Brighton Film School

Production title
Whitewater (1F, 2M)

Production type
Short film

Production location
Brighton, Bexhill

Pay details

Further pay details (if provided)


Dates of production
March 18-21st

Synopsis of production

The film follows Dennis, a widower in his 60’s who must confront his grief when his wife emerges from the sea on the anniversary of her death. As Dennis tries to escape into the comfort of his drab reality, it becomes clear that he cannot escape his past pain, leading to a dramatic conclusion.


Dennis – Male, White, mid-60s.
Dennis lives in a seaside town on the south coast. He was never able to overcome the shock of his wife’s death, and over the last 30 years or so has found himself drifting apart from the few friends and loved ones he has left.

Dennis’s Boss – Male, White, 25-30
The Boss at the workshop Dennis works at. He feels inadequate next to Dennis despite his position, due to their difference in age and experience.

The woman – Female, 25-30
The manifestation of Dennis’s grief, Dennis’s wife pursues Dennis relentlessly. We never see her clearly as she has a ghostly supernatural quality to her.

Audition date(s)
The beginning of February

How to apply

If you are interested, please email at tom.d.hamilton92@gmail.com

Application deadline


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