Four Thieves Vinegar (2F, 2M)

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FourTails Theatre Company

Production title
Four Thieves Vinegar (2F, 2M)

Production type

Production location
Rialto Theatre, Brighton + The Barn, Rottingdean

Pay details
Unpaid (expenses covered)

Further pay details (if provided)

Dates of production
Rialto: Sat May 4th, Sun May 5th, Sat June 1st, Sun June 2nd, all at 1pm. Plus one or two Rottingdean performances mid-May, TBC

Synopsis of production

“Four Thieves Vinegar”, by Christine Foster. Booked as part of Brighton Fringe for four dates at the Rialto Theatre, and will additionally be performed once or twice outside the Fringe in The Barn in Rottingdean.

“Four Thieves Vinegar” is a black comedy about the black death. Set in the dingy depths of Newgate Prison, 1665; the height of the plague. The play finds its four characters – three prisoners and their jailer – in one of the few places currently untouched by the disease rampaging throughout the land. One prisoner, an alchemist, believes he has found a cure for the plague and implores his fellow inmates to help him make it. But to do that they’ll need gold, and to get that they’ll need to make good use of the only resources at their disposal: sex, wit and lies.

The play is between 80 and 90 minutes long, and will be performed without an interval.

Payment is £50 per performance for five or six performances – either £250 or £300 in total.
£5 per rehearsal day in travel expenses.


There are four parts: two male, two female. All parts are substantial, and the characters are complex. The parts are as follows:

Matthias Richards, male: The Apothecary/Alchemist, imprisoned for debt: age 25 – 35
Jennet Flyte, female: a street-wise but fragile thief: age 18 – 24
Hannah Jeakes, female: a widowed plague nurse, imprisoned for riotous behaviour : age 40 – 60
Simon Holt, male, the jailer: a grizzled war veteran: age 50 – 60

(All ages are playing ages.)

Payment is £50 per performance for five or six performances – either £250 or £300 in total.
£5 per rehearsal day in travel expenses.

Audition date(s)
First week of February, exact dates TBC.

How to apply

Please email, including your playing ages and a link to your CV/Spotlight/Mandy if available.

Application deadline


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