Snowflake (4F, 2M)

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Tamara Stidwell

Production title
Snowflake (4F, 2M)

Production type
Short film

Production location
Brighton and Hove

Pay details
Unpaid (no expenses)

Further pay details (if provided)

Dates of production
Late November

Synopsis of production

I am looking for actors to feature in my short six minute film. Set in a dystopian future, where the Climate is decimated, clean water is a luxury, civil warfare is breaking out and the radio is plagued by horror stories. A family are trying to maintain tradition and order whilst enjoying their tofu Christmas dinner with a side plate of iron supplements. This short film takes inspiration from other dystopias such as The Black Mirror Series, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

I am an English Language and Literature student at the University of Brighton, and I am passionate about screenwriting. This project is part of my module for “From Script to Screen” where we realise our script into a compact and meaningful short film, which leaves the audience asking for more. Previous students work has featured in Film festivals and Edinburgh Fringe.

This is an unpaid roll, but I can cover travel expenses if you need help with those, I also worked as an actor and I know how hard it is to give time up for free, but I really need people who are just happy to be involved with a project and hopefully we can create something which you feel represents your skills as an actor.

Casting to take place Mid to Late November.

If you don’t fit into the roles per say but you would like to be involved, I would love to hear from you, or perhaps you could help with the film camera? I am at an early stage of writing and I can adapt or add roles. Thank you for your time, please do not hesitate to email me.



Dad: 50s-60s. Brent is struggling with his health and by the end of the film passes on due to ingestion of dirty water. He is the empathetic, humble layman, who can see society is falling apart but isn’t sure he has the energy left to do anything about it. HIs wife is causing him considerable stress with her neurotic behaviours.

Mum: 40-50 years old. Bridget is happily losing her mind. She is completely OCD about everything and has to have her house, not just clean but militant. She wants everyone to think that its a “happy family” constantly posting pictures online, but the cracks are beginning to appear. Squeaky white heels on white linoleum floor and plastic cutlery (to save from washing up) depict her character.

Marty: Early to mid 20s. Slim built anxious son in law, who gets set off into a nervous wreck at the smallest sound. Married to the eldest daughter he is keen to prove to the Dad Brent that he makes a good son in law.

Izzy: Early to Mid 20s. Daughter and the new young wife to Marty. Kind and reassuring, she is heavily pregnant, she has difficulty with her mother and her rogue younger sister.

Granny: 60s to 70s. Granny sits in the corner muttering away about the free world, she knew a time before all this and she has seen the change. She is shocked by her daughter who treats her like a dementia patient. Where is the good old fashioned family gone? Where is the love and kindness in humanity? She is bitter, knitting away and resenting life.

Younger sister: (Protagonist) Early to Mid 20s. A bit of a rebel. Questioning the meaning of it all, why the bloody hell is mum using plastic cutlery when the world is already a toxic wasteland? Why is Dad so depressed? What does Granny know that we don’t? Why is my sister reproducing a baby in these uncertain times…?

Audition date(s)

How to apply

Please email me at

Application deadline
21st November


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