Help! I’ve Shrunk Santa’s Trousers! (1M)

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Atomic Force Productions Ltd

Production title
Help! I’ve Shrunk Santa’s Trousers! (1M)

Production type
Puzzle room

Production location

Pay details

Further pay details (if provided)

Dates of production
20th-24th December

Synopsis of production

An interactive and immersive Christmas-themed puzzle room for all the family.

Twinkle the elf is in trouble and needs your help! She had to do Santa’s laundry, but it went wrong and now his trousers are tiny!

She’s borrowed a Magic Embiggening Machine, but she has to solve all sorts of riddles so she can unlock it and use it before Santa gets home!

Performer would be required from 12noon-7.30pm each day, but realistically only working for less than half that time, so welcome to bring laptop to do other work or something to pass the time in between!

Only a couple of meetings/rehearsals required prior to production – very low time commitment!


Santa – Male. Any ethnicity. Age unimportant due to false beard (but must be able to play 60+). Portly figure an advantage, but not essential. (Cameo role at end of show to meet children and hand out presents. Improv skills and experience of working with children an advantage. Some stage management duties to assist with resets between shows.) Nice, easygoing, festive job!

Audition date(s)
19th November

How to apply

Please email CV and headshot along with cover note to

Application deadline
15th November


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