A Christmas Dream (1M) – URGENT

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Worthing Caring Candles

Production title
A Christmas Dream (1M) – URGENT

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Pay details
Unpaid (expenses covered)

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Dates of production
Friday 21st December at 7.30 pm

Synopsis of production

I’m Yasmina and I run a children’s club (church based) called Worthing Caring Candles. The club has a holistic approach and the children have been involved in the performing arts by performing plays and doing musical concerts at different venues.
We are planning a musical Christmas play, ‘A Christmas Dream’ to be performed at Emmanuel United Reformed Church on 21st December at 7.30 p.m. This play was performed last year, and due to the warm reception we are planning to put it on again this year, with some added changes and new plots.
Please see attached link of what Worthing Herald wrote about us:

Set in Victorian-era, London, ‘A Christmas Dream’ tells the story of the well-to-do Mr Eric Johnson, who has become hardened and bitter following the loss of his daughter, making life unpleasant for his wife, his two boys, the market traders, and just about everyone in the neighborhood. Living close to the house are three homeless girls, the youngest of whom is dumb.These young girls have to find ways to survive. They have a talent for music, and a heart full of dreams. They are an inconvenience to Mr Johnson who treats them cruelly. Mr Johnson’s disdain is shared by one Mr Shady, a deceptive character, jealous of the girls’ talents and willingly colluding with Mr Johnson to plot against them. Mr Shady’s cruelty knows no bounds as he sets up the helpless dumb girl to be wrongfully arrested, which serves to only deepen the girls’ woes as the hitherto generous market sellers now develop a disdain for the girls as well.
Mr Johnson’s story is about to take an unexpected turn when in a dream he is shown the story of the nativity, and how the fate of the youngest homeless girl would end up in tragedy if no one intervenes. Initially just dismissing it as an insignificant dream it powerfully dawns on him, and changes his life, the lives of his family and those of the homeless girls as a result. It all comes to a happy ending, most characters get changed, except for Mr Shady that manages to escape, true to his character.

The play will be a fund raising concert for Chestnut Tree House and most involved are doing it free. It would mainly be good for their CV and for experience.
The actor would be required to join us from the 10th of November. There’ll be rehearsal three Wednesdays per month (from 5.00-7.00 pm) at Worthing East Baptist Church and two Saturdays per month (4.00-7.00 pm) at Emmanuel United Reformed Church. In December there’ll be rehearsals on three Saturdays, the last two of them being from 12.30-2.30 pm, and the added Thursday before the show (4.00-7.00 pm.) We would have some flexibility in terms of rehearsals if he cannot be at all of them or come at a later time, etc. but whatever it’s agreed we would expect him to be 100% reliable and produce quality of work. We’ll provide him with a voice recording of the play to facilitate his learning.
Thank you very much for your interest 🙂
PS 1: Any person interested please email Yasmina at jsole1@aol.com under the heading “Auditions for ‘A Christmas Dream.”
PS2: We are also planning to make a separate recording of the play for radio, which Ken Burton will be producing. We are currently in talks with a radio station in London re. this. The recruited actor could be involved with this as well should he wanted to.


Exciting opportunity to play for the main character’s role. We are presently looking for an aspiring male actor (late teens from 18 + or young adult or middle age) to play the main character. The character is a very grumpy man that in the end gets changed. He would need to have grit (being able to portray someone rough round the edges,) and some depth as it would need to be able to show his more emotional side when being transformed. He would need to have very good musical skills to be able to sing solos, with quite a wide range and intertwine talking with singing. He would sing under the supervision of Ken Burton, who is a well known, musical composer, arranger, regularly appears as musical director for BBC Songs of Praise, and as a judge for BBC, Radio 4, Sing Whilst You Work, and recently judge for the BBC1 Songs of Praise Young Choir of the Year.
A priority for this actor it would have to be 100% reliable. As a gesture of good will we would be willing to offer the actor from £250.00 after the performance night, but we are open to negotiation.

Rehearsals (subject to confirmation) Nov. 16, 18, 23 and 25 (evening), Nov. 28 (5-7 p.m.), Dec. 1 & Dec.5 (4-7 p.m.), Dec. 8 (12:30-2:30 p.m.), Dec.12 (5-7 pm), Dec. 16 (evening), Dec.19 (4-7 p.m.), Dec. 20 (4-7 p.m. dress rehearsal) and Dec. 21 (3:30-6:30 p.m.) at different venues in Worthing; performs Dec. 21, 7:30 p.m. at Emmanuel United Reformed Church, St. Michael’s Road, Worthing.

Audition date(s)
Auditions will take place by the candidates recording themselves in their mobiles.

How to apply

Any person interested please email Yasmina at jsole1@aol.com under the heading “Auditions for ‘A Christmas Dream,”

Application deadline
26th November 2018


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